Adwords Advertising

Adwords Advertising

Get started today …

For a one-time set-up fee of $150.00, we ensure your Adwords Advertising Campaign is successful from day one. You never pay us again, no commission, no retainer, no management fee!

And here’s the deal:

We create your Google Adwords Account: one Campaign and up to 5 Ad Groups.

We write the Ad for each Ad Group plus select effective keywords for each ad.

We suggest a daily budget, set keyword bids and send you a weekly report.

Your Ads can be up and running within a day (from activation of your account).

We provide a 1-hour telephone consultation.

We provide you with free e-mail support during the first three months of your Adword campaign.

Extra: For a small monthly fee of $75 per month, you can upgrade to our premium telephone and e-mail support. Effective after the first 3 months of free support.

Once we have set up your AdWords Advertising Campaign, all you have to do is:Become King with Adwords Advertising

  • Activate your Adword Account
  • Check your weekly report
  • Adjust your keyword bids
  • Adjust your campaign budget

You keep in control:

  • Make adjustments when you deem necessary
  • Watch your business grow
  • Increase or decrease your budget
  • Pause or stop the campaign anytime
  • Change your ads, add or delete keywords

We are there for you every step of the way! Maintain control, avoid mistakes and grow your business.



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