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Your Adword Account Will Boost Profit

We organize your adword account for maximum return on investment of time. A well organized account generates targeted leads for your business.

Benefit of our Adword Account service

Some of the benefits of having PTR Live help with your account set-up:

  • Ease of monitoring your account
  • Effective adjustments in bidding
  • Meaningful report analysis

Monitoring your Adwords account involves knowing what changes are made, when and how they effect your campaign goal.

Changes in bidding are easier to compare with increases in ad ranking and click thru rates, with consistent monitoring of your campaign.

Our executive reports show relationships with key performance indicators and are clear of conflicting data comparisons.

Help your Business GrowGrow Your Business With Adword Account

  • Pick when and where your ad appears
  • Design your marketing area
  • Reach more customers
  • Display your ads on other websites
  • Go mobile
  • Be where your customers are on the go
  • Display your ads on mobile devices
  • Control advertising costs
  • Never go over your budget

Grow Your Business

A key of marketing and promoting your business online is to get your ads in front of customers interested in your products. Adword accounts are designed to grow your business by providing a platform for you to pitch your offer.

You only pay for actual leads, you pay only when potential buyers click through your ad and end up on your website.

Important consideration:

It will take a time to find the right winning combination of title and description. During the process you might lower your click through rate but once you have find the winning combination of title and description your adword account will grow your business consistently.


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