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Adword Ads Generate Leads

Adword ads are the basic element of online advertising on Google.  In much the same  way newspaper ads use to generate tons of leads to your business, online marketing has the power to get you found by thousands of potential customers.

Adwords ads are made up from basic elements of text; headline,display URL, 2 lines of text and a destination URL. This simple variation of the newspaper classified ad continues to be the most effective tool to generate leads and bring you more business.

The Power of Adwords AdsAdwords Ads Get Your Business Noticed

A billion searches per day, over 54 million users online each and every day are looking for products and services. The huge reach of the Google Network allows anyone and everyone the ability to find their unique market. With thousands of new users coming online everyday, the opportunity is limitless.

When someone types something into the Google search box, they reveal a primary need or desire… at that very instant. If they see your AdWord ad and trust you can satisfy their need, you’ve got a highly qualified, interested prospect coming your way.

The ability to get traffic from interested prospects who are actively seeking you out is a huge benefit to using Google AdWords.

Making Adword Ads Better For Your Business

The ultimate frustration with using Google Adwords is survival of your ads among your competitor. 3% of the advertisers get 50% of the traffic and everyone else fights over the scraps. (Google AdWords vs Charles Darwin)

Your Google Adword Ads will be tested and improved upon. Over 90 days, your account team will be using; variations, replications, selection and market feedback.  Creative input is the only process which sets your ads above your competition. Dumping more money into a campaign to get to the top is just the way to lose money in adword ads. Instead,

  • Find insight into different directions,
  • create ads your potential customers want to see,
  • use tools to analyze your success (and failures),
  • listen to the market place

Continue to locate your customers desires and needs by modifying your successes.


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