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Adword Help and Frequently Asked Questions

We are always improving our adword help and FAQ section. Please feel free to browse the questions below.

Q. Why does being online matter?

A. In today’s marketing environment, over 67% of buyers research their purchase online before heading down to the store to hand over their hard earned cash. Check out The Worlds Biggest Market Place.

 General Questions

  • Q. Can I set up an account with Google myself?
  • A. Yes. Your account can be set up by you. In fact, we prefer it. Since we are a third party agency, we will have no access to the billing information you give to Google to fund your campaign.
  • Q. How do I pay for your services?
  • A. Once you provide an email address, we will contact you and discuss your needs and goals. If we are a good fit, you can purchase using PayPal.
  • Q. What’s the deal with $100 free advertising credit?
  • A. We provide a promotional credit for new users of Google Adwords Accounts. There is no obligation to use our service.
  • Q. How does your company make money if you give away ad credits?
  • A. We provide a valuable service at a fair price. We organize your campaign and manage your account for success.

Training and FAQsTraining

Video tutorials and training information for the Do-It-Yourself expert in all business owners.

Please feel free to browse.

All links open in new windows, videos run from 2 to 10 minutes. Topics are varied, some are better than others but all provide important and accurate information about pay per click marketing. The best way to know what your advertising dollars are buying.

Learn how Google’s powerful online advertising tool can help you reach new customers and grow sales.

PPC Marketing – Video Tutorials – Adword

To open a video in a new window, point to the title of video and click.


To open a video in a new window, point to the title of video and click.

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