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Measure Your Campaign SuccessCampaign success is guaranteed with us. We manage successful Adwords campaigns without ongoing obligation to use our service. Reach more people looking for your business online today. That is our guarantee: We will work with you to achieve your campaign goal for three full months at no extra charge.

Here are the basic to running a successful pay per click campaign:

  • Plan
  • Design
  • Execute

We will put all the pieces together to expose your campaign to the right audience at the right time.

We design ads that encourage people to click through to your online offer.

We execute your campaign and keep it under budget.

Planning a Successful Adwords Campaign Tips

  1. Who: Think about who your customers are.
  2. How Much: To spend to reach them.
  3. What:  Results would make your campaign a success.

Designing Your Adwords Campaign for Success Tips

  1. Think: What to include beside text and link?
    A business phone number, a map, even a slogan or motto
  2. Where: What locations, in what languages do you want your ad to appear
  3. What: Is special about your business?
    prices, promotions,  exclusives

How To Execute Your Adwords CampaignYourPTRLive campaign success

  1. Create your Adwords Account.
  2. Create your first ad campaign.
  3. Activate your account.
    and enter adwords coupon for $100 from PTRLive.

Your Campaign Success is Guaranteed with PTRLive on Your Side

Stay focused on your business, while we handle your Adwords Campaign Success at YourPTRLive.Com

  • Choose where your ads will appear (knowing your customers).
  • Set your budget (control your advertising spend).
  • Write short ads (get noticed).
  • Pick keywords (your ads show in searches).

We keep your keywords and ads relevant, we develop bidding strategies to lower your costs and research emerging trends to capitalized on new keywords and phrases for your business.


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