Pay Per Click Advertising

Quality Pay Per Click Advertising

Want qualified leads for your business? Pay per click advertising is the solution.

The customers you are looking for are searching for your products on Google.

Search Advertising is Pay Per Click Model

 Offline sales are driven by online search

Did you know that 67% of off line sales start with online research?

Before your customers come to your store, they have visited Google to get informed about your products and those of your competitors.  You can reach more customers by having an online presence and out perform your competitors.

Get fast results with our PPC ads on Google’s search result pages. We can get you up and running within hours. Check out the video above for overview of how search marketing works on the Adwords platform.

Sponsored Links are Adwords AdsHere is a basic text overview of the process:

  1. Create an account
  2. Set-up your ad groups
  3. Enter billing information and $100 voucher from us
  4. Your ads are running on Google for free

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